Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A little story about Mitt Romney and President Kimball

I read this story in the Mormon Times (June 11, 2011) , a newspaper that came with the Church News (published weekly by the Deseret News).

"A hurried Mitt Romney stuck his bag into the elevator door as it was closing late one night at the Hotel Utah.  The doors reopened to reveal LDS Church President Spencer W. Kimball and his wife, Camilla.

Embarassed, Romney introduced himself, and the prophet said, "You look like a Romney."

"Thank you, I guess," Romney said.

"What do you mean, I guess?"  President Kimball said.

"Well, we Romneys have such huge jaws."

With a straight face, President Kimball said, "Camilla is a Romney."

Following an awkward pause, and seeing Mitt's uneasiness, President Kimball laughed."

For my children's information, here is how you are related to the Romneys by marriage.

Wayne's grandmother was Beatrice Snow.

Beatrice's mother was Emily H. Eyring, who married William Snow.  He died young, and she remarried a Romney and lived in the Mormon settlement of Juarez, Mexico where Camilla Eyring Kimball's family lived.  Beatrice grew up playing with Camilla, they were cousins of some sort.

Camilla's mother was a Romney (who was related to Beatrice's step dad), and Camilla's dad was an Eyring, who was related to Beatrice's mother (but I don't know how closely.)  So through the Romney line they were step-cousins, but through the Eyring line they were real cousins.

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