Friday, October 21, 2011

A one and a two and a three

Zac is taking the ACT tomorrow.  Yesterday we got an email saying he had to print out a new admission ticket, the old one would NOT be honored.

I printed out the new one, all I could see different was that instead of being held at one side of Broughton high school, it was being changed to the Science Room at Broughton High School.  Big deal.

Then today a UPS overnight special delivery envelope came to our door.  ACT had sent Zac the exact same new admission ticket, which I had already printed out.

I cannot believe the insanity of ACT paying to send every kid taking the test at Broughton High School a special delivery overnight envelope.  What do those cost?  $17 or more?  That must have cost a fortune.

Are any of you wondering why Mumar Ghaddafi's body is being held in a freezer, yet we were told that Osama Bin Laden had to be dumped at sea within hours of death?  Whats with that?  There is a lot of fishyness going on.  And I haven't seen a single news article which brings up that question.  Is nobody but me asking why the difference?  (Wayne just told me the U.S. didn't kill Ghaddafi, somebody else did, so thats why.)

Excellent article on why protesters protesting capitalism really AREN'T correct, this really isn't capitalism.  We don't have true capitalism.

"Many of the Wall Street protesters are holding up anti-capitalism signs that read “capitalism doesn’t work” and “capitalism oppresses love.” These posters are grossly illogical because we have never even had a capitalist system. The United States economy is better described as a mixed economy, an admixture of capitalism, corporatism and socialism. "

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  1. I think there's a pretty reasonable explanation for #2- Osama was dumped by the Americans, for various reasons depending on whether you believe the official statement on the matter. Regardless, it was an international affair, with America, Pakistan, and the Radical Islamist forces at interplay, and as a religious leader, the potential for the body to become a rallying point for the enemy was high.

    Ghaddafi was captured and killed by his own people, making it an internal affair, and the Libyan leaders on the ground there have simply made a different decision about what to do. Ghaddafi was an almost universally despised political leader, not a religious one, so I'm not surprised the circumstances are a bit different.