Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting our interior painted tomorrow

It is late Sunday night.  We have cleaned out our whole garage yesterday, it took us 11 hours to empty it, sort it, and put it back.  Later this week I will be giving away and selling a lot of stuff on Craigslist.

We had to clean out the garage yesterday because it was beautiful weather and the only weekend we were all available to work.  AND IT HAD TO BE DONE.

But it was terrible timing because for the day before, and last evening after cleaning out the garage, we still had to pack up all the bookshelves and move all the furniture in 4 rooms of our house to prepare for the painters to come bright and early Monday morning.

The house looks like we are moving, and I am very tired.

And I have poor timing for another job too:  I have ordered new carpet, but it won't be installed for about 2 weeks.  So we can move the furniture back but we aren't going to load the bookshelves again until we move the furniture one more time for the carpet layers.

I hope I will think this is all worth it.

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