Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wayne has been so sick

Wayne has been very sick since Sunday.  His ribs feel broken he has such sore chest muscles and stomache muscles from coughing so much.  He thinks it is just a virus so he isn't going to the doctor.  He has been working from home every day.  Thank goodness for the computer!

Zac has had it too, although not quite so badly.  And Zac doesn't want to ruin his senior exemptions, so he kept going to school.  (If you only have a certain amount of absences, you don't have to take your final exams.)

I have been on the South Beach diet for the past two weeks and have lost 7 pounds.  Only a few more days and I will reach my goal.

We got our house interior painted, and now we are waiting for the new carpet.  I am so excited!  We are going to pay Zac to completely remove the old carpet and pad and haul them away to the dump.  He seems pretty eager to make the money.

I babysat for 3 of my grandchildren yesterday, so Rachel could take her very last exam for her very last class at Meredith College.  Now she can graduate!  Go, Rachel!!!

Hannah was much more smiley.  And I found out she does NOT like to be laid down.  On either her tummy or her back.

I am looking forward to attending our stake Family History Conference this Saturday.  I have invited five friends to attend, I hope some of them do.

(Politics alert. Don't read it if you don't want to.)
I only include this because I read it, and if it comes true I want you to know about it.


  1. I hope dad feels better! Don't let this go too long without seeing a doctor- actual broken ribs can result from some major respiratory infections, including whooping cough. Tiff knows someone who came down with that even though they had been vaccinated as a child.

  2. What Adam said. I've been so freaked out since my friend got whooping cough, that I'd urge caution. Plus, I would suggest that any adult that hasn't gotten the whooping cough booster for adults (it just came out in 2005 as a special version of the tetanus shot that you can get) should think about getting it. I made Adam get it to help protect the baby...