Monday, September 19, 2011

Americans making fun of AttackWatch

"America is roaring back -- with laughter.....
A hilarious barrage of catcalls and insults has greeted Obama's latest debacle, a Soviet-style website called Attack Watch. .... Attack Watch openly solicits Americans to turn in their friends and neighbors for thoughtcrimes against the president."

Here are some of the tweets making fun of Attack Watch:

"Obama's ego is blocking my view of the sky."
  "If I tell you my boss said something bad about Obama, can I get his job?"
  "Hey #attackwatch, I found a website lying about Obama, it's called" 
 "My neighbor seems to be a bit of a freethinker. Should I take him out quietly tonight or wait for backup?"
"I just parked my private jet in a handicap space, left it running & bought lemonade from little girls in yard w/o a permit!" 
"#Attackwatch, when should I go to my hidden attic room, and start writing my diary?"  
"Can you follow the #attackwatch timeline in the original German...?"
"I'm reporting my mom. She said Obama needs a good spanking and a grounding with no ice cream."  
.... "If I report ten times do I get a real watch? With secret decoder features? Please advise."

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Also, if you want to read an indepth article on what would happen if America got hit by an EMP (Electro magnetic pulse), read this:

An EMP is really the main thing I am scared of, and the reason I am getting so much of my food storage and preparedness items.

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