Monday, September 26, 2011

Zac received his Eagle

A few weeks ago, at our regular troop Court of Honor, Zac received his Eagle packet with his pin and badge, etc.

He had insisted that he didn't want a big Eagle Court of Honor, and just wanted it handed to him at his house.  But we got him to take it at the regular court of honor.

Another boy in our troop did the same thing that night.  And several parents and several other boys came up and said they wanted to do it that way when they got their eagles in the future.  So we have started an evil trend.

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  1. Well I guess this sort of thing runs in the family...I think I am super lucky I got Adam to actually attend his graduation at NC State. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have if I hadn't started begging him to go a few months ahead of time! Me on the other hand, if I ever actually get my PhD I am ABSOLUTELY going to my hooding ceremony. And probably also throwing a party =)