Friday, September 16, 2011

This makes me feel better

When it all feels like things are going to collapse, remember...

Tonight when you kneel down at your bed and pray, consider this. The earth is billions of miles from the center of our galaxy, the most likely place for Kolob and the presence of our Heavenly Father. Yet, when you begin to pray, the promise is that not a single word or feeling will go unnoticed. Instantly, across billions of miles of space, a loving, caring heavenly father, who anxiously awaits your return, hears you and is doing everything he can to have you return safely. That is saying a lot. All that he can do is a lot. He created everything. Never forget that he is with you. Never forget that the earth and the galaxy are his creations and they will do what is necessary for your good. The storms of life are real, but not a single thing happens to us without his foreknowledge. Like a precise timepiece everything he has created is working for your good in the exact time and order that he wants them to. Nothing is left to chance. Nothing. And apparently complexity is not a problem for him either since hie is doing this for billions of his children, all at the same time, in both the spirit world and mortal world right now.

So next time you pick up your iPhone or connect to the internet, and marvel at the technology, just remember that you came pre-wired to communicate through the great expanses of space and time with the most perfect being in the universe. There is never a busy tone. He always wants to talk. And the conversations you have will always be to your benefit. The only time you will ever have dropped calls is when you wander into areas that have bad coverage. If this happens, stand in holy places and redial quickly. Don't wait. Just hit redial as quick as you can an continue the conversation. This is the only way to navigate the storms now upon us.
Written by "Ammonihah"

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