Friday, February 17, 2012

"Crash Course" by Chris Martenson

I recommend that everyone read/listen to the “Crash Course” at this website. 

The button to access the course is on the upper left hand side of the home page. 

There are 20 sections, some are 6 minutes long, some are 17 minutes long.  It takes a bit of organization to remember where you are and to click on the next one, but it is worth the trouble.  May I suggest that you get a little piece of paper and write down which ones you have already listened to, so you can remember to keep going.  I wish it had been a podcast, since that would have been much easier to hear as one long self-contained program.  He has a lot of graphs, so I guess that is why he didn't do it as a podcast.

I have listened to the whole thing and found it excellent.  At every point he seems to be right on target.  He never mentions Republicans or Democrats, this is basically all economics.  He makes a number of suggestions for preparedness that ought to sound familiar to Latter-day Saints.  So, no rush and no panic…but please hear him out.

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