Sunday, February 26, 2012

Robbery on Cruise excursion in Puerto Vallarta

"Twenty-two Carnival Cruise Lines passengers were robbed of valuables and their passports during a shore excursion in the Mexico seaside resort of Puerto Vallarta, cruise officials said late Saturday.
The passengers were robbed Thursday during a guided trail excursion, according to a statement released by the cruise line."

Very interesting.  Wayne and I went on a very similar cruise, to Puerto Vallarta, Maztlan, and Cabo San Lucas, in March 2010.  Wayne even went on a big shore excursion with probably twenty people, on a bus.  Now I can see that the crime and violence has gotten worse in the past 2 years.

Another interesting paragraph said:

"The 3,000-plus passenger Carnival Splendor set sail February 19 from Long Beach, California, for a seven-day Mexican Riviera cruise that included stops in Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, according to the ship's online itinerary.
The travel warnings and reports of increasing violence in Mexico have caused many cruise lines to curb their itineraries, either eliminating and shortening stops.
A number of cruise lines dropped Mazatlan from itineraries last year following a spike in violence."

So it looks like lots of cruises don't even go to Mazatlan anymore.

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