Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The problem of inequality in our society

My friend sent me this article about the inequality of wealth distribution in our society and asked me to comment about it.  


Here is my answer:

Many good things in the article.  And yes, today's inequality is not the way the Lord would want us to live. I'm sure He would be delighted for people to freely give of their time and means to help others and lift them to a higher economic level. But humans like to hang on to their wealth, and the natural man is an enemy to God and is naturally selfish and blind to other's suffering.  

Only by following our conscience (the light of Christ) or purposefully drawing near to Christ does a person become charitable and willing to suffer with those who suffer and feel compassion enough to sacrifice our time and money to help the downtrodden.  Charity is the pure love of Christ, and I am sure that it is one of the gifts of the Spirit to be able to act upon those promptings.  So the more righteous our populace becomes, the more charitable they would be, and the more equal the distribution of wealth.  In my opinion, the wickeder the populace, the more inequality we would see. (As evidenced in the Book of Mormon in their cycles of righteousness and wickedness.)

Someone may ask , what if some leader wants to start forcing everyone to divide up the wealth equally for everyone?  I would be the first to fight against that, it is not in the Constitution, which I believe is divinely inspired.

 I don't have any answers (sigh).  I will never attempt to be a politician and try to come up with policies to fix these things, if they could be fixed at all.  All I can do is feel depressed about the current political and economic conditions, and try to judge wisely as I exercise my small little civic duty of voting.  I do know that today's inequality and the evil we see in the world has all been foreseen by the Lord and that things will go as He has prophesied.     We know that in a Zion society, with true charity for all, God's people will ultimately be living the Law of Consecration.  But until then, bad policies rule.

Sorry I don't have any great plans on how to change the world at this time.

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