Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cruise Feb. 2012 to the Bahamas Part 1

Wayne's mother and sister, and my mother and sister, came with us.
First, we all stayed in Charleston.  We went to historic Charleston, and toured the Aiken-Rhett house, which was not restored. It had all original interior that was deteriorated, to show it the way it was donated. Then we toured the Nathaniel Russell house, which had been restored to its glamour. It had a floating spiral staircase which was amazing, only supported by the landings on one side.  It irked me that they wouldn't let me take photos, because I really love historical home tours, they are my favorite.   

We also rode the ferry to Fort Sumter, which was great because I have studied extensively about the Civil War.  It is always good to visit historical places because then I can picture where everything is.

Sat. Feb. 4- We got onto the ship "Carnival Fantasy" at 12 noon. 

Cindy, my mom, and me. 

Carnival Fantasy is the only ship that sails out of Charleston. We picked this ship because it is the only one available so close to our house. We were able to drive to Charleston in exactly 5 hours, and on one tank of gas. So we were really glad we didn't have to pay for airfare.

This was our second cruise, we went with my Mother in March 2010 for her 80th birthday (on the Princess Sapphire). When I found the price of $435 per person in November 2011, we opened it up to both sides of the family, but these 4 people were the only one who decided to come with us.

 I wore seasick prevention wristbands the whole time and never felt seasick until the last evening. 
Sunday Feb. 5- AT SEA:  It was the SuperBowl Sunday night, so all the lounges and theaters in the ship had big screen TV's showing the game. They were serving fingerfood everywhere, so lots of people didn't go to the dining room for dinner. Also, because of the Superbowl, there was no big show tonight.

I got the impression that the reason this particular cruise was the cheapest price of the year was that it was SuperBowl Sunday.  I can imagine that every husband said to his wife, "I don't want to go on a cruise that week!" and so most people chose another week to go.  So they had to put this week on a special sale to fill it up.

To Be Continued

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