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Cruise Feb. 2012 to the Bahamas Part 3

Wed. Feb. 8, 2012 NASSAU, BAHAMAS

We got off the ship at 9:30 am and met Joe, with his lovely airconditioned tour bus. There was only 6 of us, it cost $40 each, $240 total for a 4 hour private guided tour of Nassau.

Island Marketing/Nassau Private Island Tour”, Bahamas local phone number: 242-424-8294

At Fort Fincastle in Nassau, Bahamas
We got out and toured Fort Fincastle, walked down the Queen's Staircase, then got back on the bus. He showed us all the government buildings, then drove us to Atlantis, the huge casino/hotel complex.  Back in the van, he took us to the docks under the bridge, similar to a farmer's market for fishermen, and he bought a live conch. 

The fisherman whacked the shell with a hammer, then stuck a knife in to kill it, then Marilu got to pull the conch out of its shell. 

Eewww!  The conch looked like intestines.

Here is a photo as the fisherman was cutting up the conch.  Notice the dirty old plywood table on which he is chopping the meat.  Notice the white plastic container, that was filled with water and he kept washing off his knife in it, also rinsing the meat off in it.  I can't believe Wayne ate here!

We could watch the guy slaughter it, but it made me sick to look so I got back in the van. Joe, Marilu, and Wayne each ate some raw conch chopped up with onions and peppers. DISGUSTING.

Then Joe took us through the slums of Nassau, and on to the fancy rich neighborhoods. We saw Cable Beach, where the first telephone cable was laid under the ocean from Jupiter, Florida, to Nassau.

Wednesday night we went to see 2 comedians, Azeem and William Troxler, both were funny. Marilu, me, and Wayne played cards in the buffet, “Up and Down the River”, that has become our favorite card game lately, ever since the De Oliveira's taught it to us. At 11 pm the Mexican buffet started, so we ate that and then went to bed 1:00 am.

Thursday, Feb. 9 AT SEA

Went to debarkation training, then Wayne and I walked all over the ship for exercise.  There was a chilly wind so we couldn't stay outside long. At one point we cut through the buffet, and the desserts looked so good we had to stand there and eat a few (defeating the purpose of us exercising.).

I started feeling a little seasick, so I went back to our room. Wayne went to the hot tub for his only time there.He never swam in the pool at all, every day was too cool. He also went to a Magic Show with his mom.

We had another great dinner, but I ate so much it was painful. The overfull feeling mixed with the rocking of the ship, and I got very nauseous. I had to go in our room and go straight to sleep. Luckily, I felt better just in time to go to the theater and watch the production show, “Ticket to Ride”, with the ships dancers and band. It was a tribute to the Beatles, and I had been looking forward to it. 

However, it was a big disappointment, one of the worst shows I've ever seen. Lame “acting” to the words of “Eleanor Rigby” and “Magical Mystery Tour” and “Lovely Rita Meter Maid”, too much sexually suggestive dancing, and thong underwear under all the short skirts costumes so they looked like bare bottoms when they twirled. 

That show made up my mind, I will never sail Carnival ships again. Their choreographers and costumers are too lewd for me.

Friday, Feb. 10 Charleston, SC. Debarkation.  We took Cindy and Mother to the Charleston airport and dropped them off, and then drove home.

Sunday: Marilu and Wickie flew home.

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