Friday, February 24, 2012

Wow, here's another one

This document, made by Nathan Richardson (I don't know who he is), puts forth LDS Church leaders' statements on policy, and then shows  Romney's and Paul's positions on those policies.

I am currently undecided on the Republican candidates, so I have no agenda in showing you this list.  I just think it is helpful to see where they stand.

Also, I like Richardson's disclaimer at the end of the document:

"Many modern prophets have clearly taught the evils of elective abortion, recreational drug use, prostitution, gambling, etc., even specifying that they should be illegal. However, we did not find quotes that addressed whether that should happen at the state or federal level. Thus, we were unable to address those issues in this chart. "

"This chart does not represent the official position of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but rather our personal good faith effort to summarize contemporary issues as we currently understand them. We recognize that no brief chart is a substitute for detailed, ongoing study. We tried our best to get the candidates’ positions right. We have nothing personal against Mitt Romney; we assume he’s a great guy and certainly don’t think that questioning his politics should mean impugning his worthiness. We also understand that prophetic counsel is frequently time- and context-specific, and that there may be other quotes from LDS leaders that we simply haven’t yet come across, which may qualify or modify some of these topics. We don’t claim to be experts; our main hope in creating this chart is simply to do what we can to help ourselves and others become more aware of inspired principles and counsel."

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