Friday, February 17, 2012

Cruise Feb. 2012 to the Bahamas Part 2

Monday Feb 6- KEY WEST FLORIDA. Wayne went with his mom and Marilu, they walked all over Key West.

Cindy, Mother, and I took the free Conch Tour train to the center of town, and paid $15 to go inside the Ship wreck Museum. It wasn't worth $15 but it was interesting. I wish we had paid $12 to go inside the Mel Fisher museum, one of our tour guides said it was the best thing on the island.

Then we walked through the Truman Complex and looked at the outside of the Little White House. Then we found the Curry Mansion Inn and had a self-guided tour. It was amazing! Everything I ever wanted in a home tour. I especially loved that we were able to take photos. (The two homes we toured in Charleston didn't allow any pictures.)
The Curry Mansion Inn at 511 Caroline Street, Key West, Florida

The interior was JUST GORGEOUS!
                Photo of Cindy coming out the trapdoor in the roof onto the widow's walk.  We could see all over Key West!  We were 5 stories up.
The owner, Edith Amsterdam, must be the most trusting woman in the world, because we were all over that house, looking at her beautiful antiques and family photos and knick knacks, with no one watching us. It is a bed and breakfast, so the occupied beddrooms were locked. The rest of the house was well worth seeing. What a gorgeous bed and breakfast!

Then we went back to the ship....

Usually the formal night is a night when you are at sea, and have time to get dressed up. However, the Superbowl messed that up, so we had formal night that evening when we got back from Key West.

We convinced Wayne's mom to get lots of portraits made, and we bought one of her alone and also one of her, Marilu and Wayne.

Wayne's mom

 Wayne, me, my mother, and my sister Cindy

Me, Wayne, his mother, and his sister Marilu

We went to the big dancing and singing show, and were disappointed that the female dancers wore thong bottoms with their costumes, you could see their whole rear ends. The men danced really gay and had really gay costumes (shirtless and little bikini bottoms in some numbers.)

Tuesday Feb. 7- FREEPORT, BAHAMAS. Wow, what a disappointment. I had read on the internet that this port was really depressed since Hurricane Wilma had wiped out a bunch of high rise hotels in 2005?. But it was a complete loser of a port for me. I could have stayed on the ship and had more fun.

Wayne and Marilu and Wickie rented a car for $70, and paid $20 for gas. He had to drive on the left side of the road 20 miles to Lucaya National Park Beach, and they absolutely loved it. I don't like beaches so I am glad I didn't go with them.

Cindy and mother convinced me to take the $10 each round trip taxi bus out of the port area to go to Port Lucaya. What a waste of money and time. It was just a little collection of junky souvenir shops. I bought one $4 deck of cards and we got back in the next bus and came back to the ship.  I spent a couple of hours on free wifi in the port.

To Be Continued

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