Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rebuttal to a complaint about the Michelle Obama picture

(A friend wrote to tell me she was offended because of the picture I posted yesterday.  This is my response.)

I felt compelled to put the picture up because of many, many things Michelle Obama has said and done which have caused me to believe her to be a judgmental, demanding person, uncaring about others feelings and spending money left and right while saying she cares about the plight of others who are not so fortunate.  When I saw what I thought was a comical comparison of her to a Marie Antoinette lookalike it made sense to me.  Sorry if I have a different viewpoint of her personality, but that is what she appears to be to me.  Let us just say we have a difference of opinion on her.

I especially don't like the fact that most of the vacations they have gone on, she has flown in a different plane causing the public to pay twice as much for the planes and security, etc.  The Obamas or just Michelle and the girls have flown all over the world, whereas the presidents you mentioned in many cases went to their own ranches or property owned by the U.S, which were inherently cheaper for security, no hotel bills, no setting up of roadblocks or reserving whole hotels.  Not attempting to try to change your opinion, but I do have my reasons for what I believe.

I choose to put my opinions on my blog so that I don't confront anyone in person.  I am not comfortable with one-on-one arguing about politics, so I try to publicise those ideas in a way so people can take them or leave them.  I grew up with a dad who absolutely drove everyone away with his political arguing, and I hated that.  I never want to force my ideas on anyone, yet when I believe something I want to share it.  That way if I am correct, my correct ideas will be able to influence others.  If I am incorrect, I hope that I will someday know it and be able to change my opinions. 

And by the way, I am quite sick of both parties myself.  Most of the Constitution has been trashed, and I feel helpless as I watch politicians from both parties looking the other way as religion continues to be more persecuted and limited, and more rights being taken away, especially of freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. I truly feel that the whole country is on the edge of a cliff, and I am not sure that we are going to turn it around.  I'm sure you have noticed that my "Monetary System" blogposts are all about the economy going to heck.

There is not a single policy that Pres. Obama has done which I have agreed with.  But if we get a Republican president I have very little hope that the Constitution will be followed any better.  I believe we need a smaller government and more freedom.

My one hope in life is that as we follow the prophet we will be protected.  I try to listen to our leaders and do those things which will make this a better world, and pay attention to prophecy, because ultimately, no matter who is correct about politics, the Lord is in charge and things will play out as He wants.  We just have to do the best we can, and live according to the Holy Ghost's guidance as much as possible.

Still, sorry for the offense.  But I still stand by the picture, because it is exactly the caricature of her that I have gathered from the stories I have read.

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