Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brittany's Prayer

Told by Randal A. Wright:

"A few years ago I attended a fast and testimony meeting where Tammy bore her testimony about the importance of family prayer.  She had grown up in a less active family and married outside the church.  Later she became activated and her husband ultimately joined the church. She was sealed to her husband and children eight days before bearing this inspiring testimony.  In closing, she shared an experience from their family home evening the week they were sealed.

Their topic that week was temples and the eternal nature of families who were sealed together and remain faithful.  Their five-year-old daughter Brittany had several questions about the temple and being a forever family.  At the close of the evening, Brittany was asked to offer the closing prayer.  Her mother recounted that Brittany bowed her head and asked, "Heavenly Father, is it true?  Can we really be a family forever?"

After she had said those words, the room became totally silent.  After a very long pause, her parents wondered if she had gone to sleep.  Peeking at her, they saw she still had her head bowed and seemed to be thinking of what to say next. , so they remained silent and patiently waited.  Several minutes passed, and still Brittany said nothing.  

Finally, she opened her eyes, looked up at her parents, and said, "It's true. We really can be a family forever.  Heavenly Father talked to me and told me we could." 

I'll never forget the warm feeling that came over me when I contemplated the eternal truth that families really can be together forever and the power that comes to a family when they pray together.  This family learned firsthand that Heavenly Father really does answer prayers of faith for those willing to wait patiently for the answer."

25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and How to Avoid Them, by Randal A. Wright, p. 233.

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