Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What I'm doing this week

Zac came back from the Hill Cumorah Pageant work crew on Friday, got to hold Hannah for the first time, and then attended the rest of Youth Conference Friday and Saturday .  (Zac has such a dark tan from working outside for a month.

I have been in charge, for last several weeks, of getting all the housing and transportation for our ward's kids for Youth Conference. It took me a long time, organizing, phoning, and emailing to get it all arranged.  And hurray, it is over!  All the drivers remembered to drive.  There were 8 one-way trips transporting a total of 30 kids each time, from 4 host families, so there were about 5 vehicles for each trip.

This week I want to can some beef, if the price is okay.  The price of beef should be lower pretty soon, because of all the cattle ranches selling off all their cattle because of the drought.  But beware, because after that, the price of beef will go sky high.  To read more, go to my other blog, http://gottawannaneedagettaprepared.blogspot.com/

Now its time to start worrying about Bryce's and Marianne's wedding and open house.  Their  open house will be here in town, a week before their wedding.  So I am not stressing out about it quite as much as if it was a real reception, I am trying to think about it more as a party.

Speaking of parties:

"The Tea Party:  Right About Everything"


The false narrative is that the Tea Party is a bunch of stubborn nuts, if not outright racists. In truth, the Tea Party has been right about everything

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  1. FYI--I left the Republican party after all the Tea Partiers started taking over. I just couldn't handle the rhetoric anymore. I don't really fit in with the Democrats either, so right now I'm just hanging around as an Independent. Whether or not the Tea Party is correct about how to govern the country, it does seem like they can't accept the fact that there are plenty of people who don't agree with them and that the only way to actually accomplish anything is to compromise...you know, give up something you might want to get something else that is important to you...it works in every other type of human relationship, why can't we do it on the public sphere? Sometimes the question really shouldn't be "who is right?" but "how can we get things done given what we have to work with?"