Friday, July 29, 2011

DirecTV really wants our business

I was going to cancel our satellite TV after General Conference, but Wayne wanted to watch American Idol.  Then he wanted to watch America's Got Talent.

I called about a month ago to cancel, and the guy talked me into just going with a cheaper package.  That lowered our $74 per month to $35 per month.  BUT it took away all the channels we really liked, so it was a stupid decision.

For a month I only had 2 channels I liked.  Last Friday I called to cancel again, the guy said he would put me back on the more expensive package, and give me a credit of $180, which would effectively lower my monthly bill for a year down to around $40 per month, even though I would be getting the $74 package.

For 4 days we did that, then we said, "Enough".  I called back to REALLY cancel, and cancelled.

Four hours later, DirecTV called back, and talked to Wayne.

He got off the phone, and said they really wanted us to stay with them, so they gave us $250 credit, which is free DirecTV for four months.  So now we have FREE satellite until November 26.

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  1. They say the key to getting a good deal is to be willing to walk away. I guess it worked for you this time!