Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rag Quilt for Tessa

 I have always wanted to try making a "rag quilt" or "shaggy quilt".  They are made by putting the seam allowances on the outside, and then clipping the seam allowances about every 1/2", and then washing them to cause them to fray.

I bought these special scissors, which were delightful to use!  They open themselves with a spring motion after every clip, like garden clippers.  It was easy as pie to clip all the seams.

I basically made a large square yellow center and put 6" squares around it for a border.  Everything was two layers, one layer of yellow flannel and one layer of yellow print quilting cotton.  There is no batting inside.

 Here are the seam allowances after clipping.

Here are the seam allowances after I washed the quilt and it was all frayed.  I like it.

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